Monday, April 16, 2012

Daily Report: The Universe and Butterflies

I always look forward to Monday's because these two kids are eager about starting another school week. What keeps this really interesting for me is that I never really know what their day will unfold. Their days have a simliar pattern but the choices of work change a lot. I am O.K with this because tomorrow they will probably choose a work that is a challenge and revisit it again when they have become comfortable with the work. Our reading time was fun today as anticipated by me. They both browsed through their books throughout the day. In fact DJ is really impressed that he is reading a book with so many pages in it!! We finished reading our first chapters in the books today and they were really great when it came to discussion time. This is the types of books that I have been on a hunt for, books that get your brain wanting to know more, and hard to put down.

DJ spent his work period doing things related to the Universe.

Made a phases of the moon book
He made a telescope.

Did a mini report on Jupiter.

DJ really is into learning about constellations, here he is making a constellation of Draco the Dragon.

Ken spent most of her time learning about different butterflies.

Ken used a sticker book to use as copywork to make fact cards.
Root words and percentages are being used frequently by Ken, today she did both these works as well.


  1. The more of these reports I read, the more I wish your children were younger and we lived nearby. I want to start a co op with you and be inspired in person by all these fabulous ideas! It looks like DJ and Ken were both really engaged, and I think that has a lot to do with the great materials you made available for them!

  2. What a huge compliment, Thank you!! The co op is an awesome idea:) I would love to be able to start my day with a smile from Annabelle.


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