Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning With Robotics

This is what gets DJ motivated wires and tools. He has stuck to his goal of putting together the Robotic Arm. He has learned so much through this kit, this boy can tell you more about wires and actually helped the Home Depot guy figure out which one he needed to replace when it was broken. DJ is now in the middle of building his own robot from scratch. PC Boards have become his best friend!

I have been able to learn more about how his mind actually works while observing him working on this project.

He loves directions that are written and illustrated.

He wants a pay off for his hard work. Something that he can hold and admire.

Above all he wants more than anything to be able to say " Look what I did, All by myself!!"

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  1. that is so great. robotics, that is impressive. did he finish it? or is he still working on it?

  2. Thank yoy! DJ keeps trying new things with this. Yes he officially got it to run. He likes switching the wire around, so he still has one more thing to do:) He loves this!!


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