Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He Can't Take A Break!!

Yesterday the kids enjoyed a day of swimming. When they came back I found DJ doing this....

DJ is really into memorizing his multiplication facts. I showed him the multiplication chart, he wasn't interested in using his fingers. He understands how multiplication works and his personal goal is to just know the facts faster. Intially the flashcards were used as equations for the Multiplication Bead Board. I don't mind him using them as flashcards, especially if he wants to work with them while he is on Spring break.


  1. Stories of self directed learning are the stories I love to hear (& share). Great post!

  2. That is when you really know you are doing it right!

  3. That cracks me up. Go DJ!

    Kal-El found a Spiderman addition workbook I didn't even know we owned in a box of books and is filling it out for fun during his afternoon rest. Boy are they alike sometimes!

  4. This is what my own son does on "vacation" - of his own accord, he still wants to keep certain skills up or be a bit ahead when we officially re-start. It's not perfect in his choices of what is most important, but it is perfect in that it is coming from him - and is such a joy to see :)


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