Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting Another Session

My two homeschoolers are really into cultural works. I can get them excited about reading if it involves history. I can get DJ excited about Math if I tie into how things work. Ken, I can get her moving when I say lets' go outside and absorb nature. They love working with the Montessori materials and are ready for more advanced materials, but unfortunately we have to wait until I am financially able to make the purchases, and I don't have a crafty bone in my body. On the otherhand I can find blessings in this. They truly love making the connections from one material to another. Fascinating! So we make do with what we have and continue to learn something new everyday, and truthfully I don't know if they can ever master a material there is just so much each one can do. Amazing!!

For language for the next month or so we will cover analogies, root words, latin phrases, quotations, commas, and interjections. This is a subject that they both are strong in, probably because most of their cultural interests definetly involves some language work of sorts.

Math for Ken is polishing up some regrouping issues with long divison, multiplying fractions, percentages, and measurements, decimals, and if she is ready we will tackle square roots again.

Math for DJ means multiplication works of many, multiples,factoring, parts of a fractions, division work, and 4 digit additon with regrouping. He may enjoy making fraction booklets, or circles. It is hard to say for DJ in this department because when he observes Ken, he really gets motivated to want to learn what she is learning.

We continue to explore Greek Mythology together it is so much fun! DJ still is doing some solar system work. They have interest in learning about national parks, and famous landmarks as well. DJ just asked me the other day what does BC, mean. I think it is definetly time to do a prehistoric timeline together. I think he was onto something when he was studying dinosaurs daily. I know he wants to know were dinosaurs the first to roam earth..I guess it time to find out buddy:)

So our shelves look a little bare, but there are definetly works that hold their interest.

This will probably become a familiar scene to you.

DJ loves to build, and has actually been taking lots of things apart to just put them back together. The Robot book by DK is his read that he takes everywhere now. DJ wants the Hand work to be able still, I think he is making his own connections. The Robot Arm Edge is the type of purchase DJ makes instead of a traditional toy for a boy his age. This is a top of the line science kit. This is going to keep him busy for some time. There is actually a curriculum that goes along with this once the robot is built.

Here DJ is putting a world map together. The map will be a illustration of where different inventions came from. For example he will draw a picture of a mirror and then glue it on the continent of Africa, it was invented in Egypt.
Ken's new look!!

Yes! Butterflies!! This girl has been waiting for this study since Fall. Ken's main focus is learning more about the Monarch Butterfly. Her plans are to plan and grow a Buttefly Garden, make a certified Waystation for Monarch Butterflies. Map the Migration of the Monarch. Learn about the types of plants that different butterflies eat. Research different butterflies. Research how to raise Monarch butterflies. Investigate the different eggs of butterfllies. Do the world map activity like DJ but label where different butterflies can be found, and the list goes on and on:) We also ordered some butterfly larvae.

Today we were able to jumpstart some of Kens' plans by going to our local Children's Garden located on Michigan State University's campus.



Lots of plants!

Once Ken dip her fingers in the nectar she was able to hold the butterflies.

We had the pleasure to be in the Butterfly House all by ourselves! In fact we were given an open invitation to come at a certain time whenever we like:) Looks like Ken will be getting a lot of field work in. DJ wasn't too thrilled with this field trip he isn't too fond of butterflies: (

Current Occupations: Lepidopterist and Engineer .
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  1. I love the map idea! My kids aren't quite ready for this...but I'm filing it away for the future. Best of luck with the butterflies!


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