Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daily Report: Playing The Guitar

Ken has been interested in learning how to play the guitar for some time now. First she received a ukelele as a gift that kept her attention for a moment, because she still wanted a guitar. I know right now my kids are just into exploring new things and that is fine by me. The price of an Electric Guitar was just too pricey for me to invest in especially if it was going to start collecting dust in just a couple of weeks. Last weekend we came across an "Electric Guitar" at a garage sale that was just perfect for her it was the right color,with a built in amplifier, and the right price for me. The maker of the guitar is First Act Discovery. Now she has been teaching herself how to play chords, and even has taking advantage of a free online trial course.

This is her first lesson via the internet learning about rhythm.

Ken does have some knowledge of musical notes and their names, she is very eager to start songwriting so I downloaded this music measure work from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. This gave her some shelf work that made it possible for her to do some copy work . Ken really enjoyed learning about the measure of time, and practicing writing the musical notes. I also have the parts of the guitar work avaliable but not pictured. Now I am learning the chords along with her, so much fun!!

Example of her copy work.


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