Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Report: Poetry And George Melies

Neat moments happened today!!

During our reading time we got to a great twist in the story The Inventions Of Hugo Cabret. Hugo was able to solve the mystery to the key that his friend Isabell wears all the time that belonged to her grandfather Papa Georges. The signature on the page got DJ very interested. He wanted to know if this was a real person. He looked it up and found out that yes George Melies was indeed a real person, who was also the first to build a film studio in Europe. DJ learned other new things about this man. It was awesome that he was so intrigued by the signature page, which led him to do some research.
Ken and I are having a blast reading Are You There God? It's Me Margret. Our go along book is so informational. Today we talked about taking care of our ears, and about Swimmer's Ear. When we were done reading, she was wondering about how the inside of a ear looks like. Guess I may have to get some Ear Nomenclature cards.
The adverb filling boxes were a hit with Ken.

Looked over and saw Ken with all of her music works and was wondering what book she was reading. Turns out she was looking for a poem that she could make a rhythm to using the four beats in the measure. I thought this was very creative and a wonderful way for her to enhance her work. Ken is so close to mastering the C chord.
DJ worked on making sentences, this one he was proud of using 11 words. Looks like I may need to prepare in the near future for The Key Comma Experience.
Here we are having flashcard time because he absolutely loves it!! Still working on the sevens and the eights tables.
Types of Lines three part cards.

United States map work.

Working with Advanced Spelling Cards from Montessori For Everyone. DJ then chose a word, found the word in the dictionary and then wrote the definition. Of course he would pick the word chemical:)

Project time. They are still working it has been three hours and I have not heard a peep!! I guess I better get dinner going.

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