Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daily Report: Coloring Butterflies And Animal Cell

Ken asked for a butterfly coloring page so she could do some coloring.

Then it became a really cool way to learn today.

Ken began to notice physical features of different butterflies, she went on to color the Lady Painted and the Monarch and was able to tell that the Lady Painted also has green color around its thorax. Paying very good attention to detail.
DJ quickly went and retrived the animal cell diagram to began to make his own. I guess since there was no need for a microscope he used the next best thing the magnifier. He loves tools of all sorts in this case the magnifier makes it more sciency:)

This coloring activity allowed him to do some great copywork and practice learning the parts of an animal cell as well. He was so happy to be able to write the words in cursive.


  1. Love the butterflies, and the animal cells! I also enjoy how the each help each other with daily task, this mean they are both learning about butterflies and cells!


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