Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daily Report: Storybooks

In math today it was sort of a repeat of yesterday.
 DJ worked with the Multiplication Bead Board and they both did a chapter in the Life of Fred books and they love journaling after the reading. I like to see their pages after they are done, it sparks discussion and then I can tell if they are understanding what they are doing.

They also got started on making storybooks using a Crayola kit. Both of them love using the computer. They spent about two hours on this. They still have to finish them up. The kit came complete with binding materials  and paper to complete three books as well as markers. This is something that I bet they will continue to work on all day tomorrow.  The best part of this activity is, it is turning into a writers' workshop. They want their stories to really turn out so they are asking for editing help, as well as suggestions on plot details. Love it!!                                                                              
Today DJ started a study on habitats using a cool choose your own adventure story. He chose to see if he could survive in the Sonoran Desert today. He almost died of hypothermia, luckily there was a doctor walking in the desert. What a great book to learn about Deserts. After words he decided to record what he learned about this desert.

The weather was nice so Ken was able to work a little in her "Butterfly Garden".                                                                          

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