Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Report: Dining Out For Lunch

Ken has been learning a lot about picking out good books to read. Today she really started getting into The Giver. When we were finished she said "I thought this book was going to be boring with an old man on the cover." Hmmm a nice lesson in "You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover!!"

 They did a spelling review today, and was glad to hear from me that they indeed showed and proved that they know their stuff.
 Ken worked on plotting ordered pairs. Unfortunately this was the first time that she did an activity like this. So we will be working more on this. Ken had a great" I Can Do" This attitude.
   DJ worked on converting units of measurement. Fun stuff for him, he loved every bit of it.

   Today Ken started her Pin Hole Camera project.

Working with Europe and Africa Map Puzzles.

I decided to stop their work period a little earlier today so that we could have lunch at one of our favorite places Panera Bread.
 Yes we share drinks so that it dosen't hurt the pocket book too bad.  I love eating out, but for the life of me I can't ever get over paying $5.00 for a sandwich that I can make at home. However we can never leave Panera Bread's without a couple of loaves of bread. Yummy!! The lunch was special though, because they didn't expect it at all.                                                                
The afternoon was spent outside. Loving the beautiful weather a perfect 75 degrees.
They went on a bug hunt.                     
  The next thing I noticed was them looking for materials to make a Pining Board. Great idea I thought. They ended up using push pins:)  Now I must find the right materials to follow this interest, you never know what this might lead to.                                                                

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