Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Project: Paint A Stage

The kids are already preparing their summer to be full of self directed, interest led performances for all who will come and see them perform. DJ is creating skits to perform magic shows. Michelle is writing poems for poetry readings. Ken is designing clothes for fashion shows, making props for photo shoots, and practicing her guitar for background effects or recitals. Also I have a few preschoolers that are interested in performing puppet shows and How To's. They are becoming students of the arts. The first thing they wanted was a stage. The cost to buy a nice one is not in the budget. So want do you do? Go to Pinterst!! From there we struck gold, and our adventure is still underway.


Inspired by this beautiful deck. We searched for some pallets, and we were lucky!! On our way to our local nature center we found some for FREE. We already had the paint from redecorating their office walls.

Here is how our stage turned out.      

I'll hang a clothes line so that they could use various items for a backdrop. Later maybe use some pcv pipes for something fancier. I am thinking some flowers in planters would add some pleasing eye candy to their performance stage. Not bad for FREE!!                     


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