Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily Report: They Rock!!! (photo heavy)

Today was a little busier than normal...

First up, DJ declared after our reading time that he is in LOVE with books. I fell in love with Hugo myself, and we are definetly going to be reading another book by Brian Sielznick. Unfortunately, tomorrow we read the last few pages :( Then again this is the kinda book that if read twice I bet you find out that you missed something the first time around.
Sticking to the spelling workbook.
Using the Multiplication Bead Board to help Break the Code.
Solving percentages, she absolutely adores this work!!
DJ learned about Desert plants today and created a desert habitat using Star Cactus and desert animal miniatures.

Together we read a few pages about Andy Warhol, and looked at some of his work with the three part cards that can be found at Montessori Print Shop. Afterwords they completed a coloring sheet to imitate his famous Campbell's Soup pop art.

Then they packed up to head for the Nature Trails.
In the bag they included things to help capture living things to bring home to observe or identify.
Some binoculars and field guides.
Solar paper and a flower/leaf press. Looks like they were good to go, so we headed out.

Looking through the birdsong book to see if he could identify any of the bird calls that he was hearing.
Catching tadpoles.
DJ caught a frog.
Tomorrow they plan to identify their finds by names. The frog came home too. DJ is alrighyt on the research to find out exactly what type of frog it is.


  1. What an awesome day! Since you have elementary aged children, do you have work contracts with them?

  2. Thank you!! Yes we do use work plans and they are highly effective. On my sidebar you can see a post where I go into detail about how we use them.


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