Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily Report: Office Work

It has been a very hot welcomed day!  Lately the kids have been asking me if they have been doing a great job, or am I doing better at something. I have been trying to come up with a way that they could record their own progress.  I thought I show them how to track their work with the worksheets. This is just a small step toward the whole process that I have planned. As soon as I set up their record keeping system I will share the details.
 For math it was very simple to start their" office paper work" as they call it. The E-books that they are using comes with a form. It is easy, they just color in the page of the unit when they are finished. For DJ this was really exciting, because he looked at this as a reward. DJ feels that he must be working hard if he completes the whole sheet:), his thoughts not mind
 With the spelling form they just record the points that are assigned to the Test Your Skills, and the Spelling Test and also the date when they completed the assignment. The workbook pages are pre printed for them. If they feel like doing the work, they do it. It is never assumed by me that this is something they have to do. For my kids there is a season for everything, right now it is worksheets. When DJ and Ken was finished with their recording they ran up to me and said "see our office work". This comment reinforced to be that they are enjoying their work, and they love being a part of their learning process every step of the way.
They both worked with Montessori math materials today. DJ worked on multiplication while regrouping. Ken worked on multiplication story problems.                                                                        
 Forming sentences with the Adverb Grammar Filing Box.
 Labeling the Africa continent map puzzle with no control chart.

  Taking apart another toy for a PC board.
 Reading to the preschoolers. The preschoolers really love it when she reads to them. Ken is also a great storyteller.

 Since it was in the eighties today, they cooled off a bit in their pool.                                                                        

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