Monday, May 21, 2012

Daily Report: Pop Art

I guess I wasn't the only one excited about reading the new books today. On most Mondays the preschoolers don't arrive to about 8:30, today Ken and DJ were rushing to start the day to begin reading. It was very encouraging because I sure felt like taking a quick nap. They read today with great expression and I must say that their reading skills are developing at high speed.

Here they are looking like the best home school children in the world, patiently waiting on momma. LOL.
            Choosing which trick to practice today.

                                                         The Secret Silk
                                                          Now you see it....
                                                          Now you don't!!

                                                 Working on equivalent fractions.

                                               Making the parts of a guitar book.

DJ did a science activity that showed him by watering a sponge how cacti are in nature. Many types of cacti have accordion-pleated surfaces. During rainy periods the pleats can expand as they store water inside.

           Enjoying the Photography Tray. The bottom photo was taken by Ken.

We got back to reading more about Andy Warhol. Ken and DJ were very interested in making their own Pop Art.                                                                  
DJ used a book about how to draw robots for his inspiration.
                  This picture is inspired by all things Ken. She titled her art "The Salon".

 Finally our first order of caterpillars arrived. We are just waiting on some Milkweed and then Ken will be raising some Monarch butterflies.                                                                      

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