Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Report: There Is A Mouse In The House!!!

The day started out in the usual type of manner.

DJ did some number words work....

he also worked on his desert animal book.

Then all of a sudden there was a mouse frenzy. A baby mouse was spotted and for some preschoolers this was not a cool thing. Since it was a baby mouse I called the Orkin Man, never can be too safe when it comes to little ones feeling comfortable in their environment. I AM NOT FOND OF THEM EITHER!!!

We took the rest of the morning off and stayed outside until our favorite person of the day could arrive.

Ken did some research on her butterfly that she caught yesterday, right now it looks as if it is a Comma Butterfly. I am loving the Kindle Fire I got a good deal on at a Pawn Shop for just $85.00. It was a replacement gift for Ken since I have taken over her laptop since mine has stopped working.

DJ took this whole mouse scare and made it a learning experience. It made his day when he saw the chemicals and the man all geared up. He learned about Carpenter Ants, mouse traps, and how to dispose of the traps properly when a mouse is found trapped. Probably much more as he followed closely behind the man asking plenty questions:) I didn't like the bill, but at least my boy got to learn something along the way.

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