Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Report: Worksheets, Math and Projects

Ken is definitely enjoying worksheets. In the photos below she is completing a spelling activity.
 My favorite workbooks are published from Evan Moor. I think she enjoys those pages the most too.
 DJ did mostly math today doing division work with both the Division Bead Board and The Stamp Game.
 Another fun math page that Ken did from the Skill Sharpeners Math book for fifth grade by Evan Moor.
 Learning about the specific plants that certain butterflies attract to.

Working on his ATR Robot.                                             

                                                          Hair styling!!                                                  

We also went shopping for new tables for their "Office" that is what they call the school room area. We are going to change this room up a bit. We found some desks that they thought were office material. Every wooden desk they saw turned them off. So they ended up with desks that are steel framed and the shelves are made out of glass. We are also going out later to look for some paint. I am giving them this room to make their own. It is going to be fun!!                

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