Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Report: Mother's Day

Oh! How they don't stay babies forever. DJ let me know today that he knows Mother's Day is Sunday:)

 I asked him what he was doing while drawing and coloring the picture above. He is drawing Wonder Woman and she is me!! It is my Mother's Day present he hid it away for awhile. I saw him writing words, and he told me that the words are describing me!!
For math today DJ worked with matching fractions to decimals. He understands how to do this work by watching Ken work with this. We have a ways to go before he understands the relationship between the two, I think?
 Ken picked working with percentages for the pure enjoyment of recording the work in her math journal :)
 DJ's habitat studies took him to the Gobi Desert in Asia by dirt bike. Along the way his bike battery became dead. 20 miles away with no GPS and left alone he had to decide whether he would run, or chase a Central Asian pit viper. DJ has some good survivor wits about him, again today he survived. After the reading he did a fun worksheet learning about desert animals in North America and I also had an animal desert toob where he begin learning names of other desert animals as well.

I got a complete unit study to help Ken with her interest in butterflies.  The unit has a lot of suggestions that are practical and fun. I used a readers discount code at Montessori Tidbits, I loved her review and so far Ken is pleased with the many ideas and ways to learn more about Butterflies. The unit can be found at Shining Dawn                                                                                                       
 DJ started making the rocket kit today. he was proud that he checked the contents list first and took a picture of it.
   Ken just needs to sew on the straps and then the dress is complete.                                                                              


  1. Hello. Just wanted to say I love your family and how you guys home school! Ken and DJ are such enthusiastic and cooperative self learners! My family has been home schooling since 1984 and I am just now discovering Montessori! You guys are a great example for me to follow and such an inspiration! God Bless!

  2. Thank you for visiting us! It makes me so happy to hear that you have been enjoying our journey. Do you have a blog? Your years of wisdom of homeschooling sure could help us here:) If you have a moment I would really want to learn more about you and your family.

  3. I do have a blog! I just started it so it's a bit simple still. I would be honored if you'd check it out! You can find it at


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