Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Report: Worksheets,Magic,and Photography

Math worksheets have been requested. What the worksheets are doing are allowing them to build confidence in the mastery of skills. They could of had a number of new math lessons by now, but they have chosen to do a great big review. I appreciate them not wanting to rush or move on too quickly. This also allows me to prepare the material, study presentations and be ready for the next move. Using the worksheets can also be a way for me to see if they have moved from concrete to abstract with the presentations in math that have already be given.

 DJ did computation and fractions.
Ken did division with remainders.

The Houdini Box by Brian Sielznick is quite funny and we are almost done reading this short novel. Learning lots about Houdini !! Ken and DJ had a debate about Harry Houdini, Ken thought he was a cartoon character. Of course DJ had lots of information to support that yes Houdini was a real person. I was impressed with all the information he has retained during his reading time.
 Creating a trick out the book Harry Houdini for Kids by Laurie Carlson.

 Performing the trick Vanish Zone. This is when he slides the wand through the box but you can't see the middle of the wand.
 Reading more about photography and trying out the tips.
                                                 Photographing DJ performing magic.
                                                  Working on the Europe Map Puzzle.
 Ken did this activity to answer the question Does the color of a caterpillar determine the color of the butterfly?
 More work on completing The Parts Of The Guitar book.
    DJ finished up his study about deserts by coloring a picture of the habitat and putting together this book to read.                                                                          


  1. I love how your children are pacing themselves, spending time in review using worksheets without rushing forward! I am going to remember this when I sometimes move on with new presentations when my daughter is not ready but neither does she keep work with old materials, worksheets might be the answer!

  2. I recommend any of the Spelling and Skill Sharpeners Math Evan Moor Workbooks. The units come in themes and color. The Ebook format lets me be able to choose the ones to offer, so that I am not making a mistake in giving them one in a concept that hasn't been presented. I love the spelling,they have them in all levels my favorite happens to be the kindergarten level. Thank you for visiting us!

  3. Thanks for the information! I am checking these out!

  4. I like the way you give different task of learning children through reading,writing,drawing,and coloring. This is a way to test the child's intelligence in which they are mastered of. Individual learning makes the child be independent and find solutions for himself on how to do it.

    Jojo @ 3rd grade math worksheet


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