Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayers Answered

For the last couple of weeks I have been praying a lot about our backyard. I want it to be a place to run and wonder.I want the children to find living creatures and jump for joy! Specifically what I asked God for was for a backyard that the children would find cozy places to read, run after butterflies and see a couple of toads or frogs, and maybe even some grasshoppers. See we have had little life in our backyard in the past years.We had a swing set that all the children adored, but no grass, no creatures visiting, nada thing!! Guess what?

This afternoon DJ went to raking MORE wood chips and he screamed with excitement

A Toad! A Toad!! He grabbed the butterfly net from Ken as fast as he could.

Once his new found backyard pet was in captivity he created a Toad house.

Because DJ has learned some things about toads he was very careful about touching it. He had read somewhere that if toads have white spots behind their eyes they are poisonous. DJ transported the toad in a photo box and using the net transferred it to the box in the photo below. Yes he was very serious during the whole process.
The Power of Prayers!!


  1. What an awesome story! So glad that God is bringing his creations to your backyard.


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