Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily Report:The Outside Enviroment

Last night we went to bed way too late!! I had a child that was staying until 11:00p.m. Not a biggie, because that is what I do. It has just been awhile since I had late nights so the adjustment was just the problem.

DJ worked on putting this together last night.

At around 7:00 Ken comes to share with me how she wants her Butterfly Garden to look while reading through this book.

Butterfly pots.

I think this was a grand idea and I am so excited that she has found a very doable garden plan. DJ and Michelle joined in on the excitement and we went out looking for flowers and butterfly bushes with our preschool friend. This trip really turned out to be a two hour trip and no butterfly bushes and no flowers that attract butterflies. We still had a lot of fun though and spent five bucks on other plants to start other projects in the book as well.

It didn't surprise me this morning that they were moving slow and just wasn't in their rather upbeat mode. We did reading and that was still exciting to them. They were choosing to do Life of Fred for math . DJ worked more on the lego set and Ken was pretending to do more reading. With a gorgoeous day outside our window it was time to take advantage of learning outside.

Ken put together her Greenhouse .

They worked liked they had a great night sleep the night before. All of a sudden they had tons of energy.

They enjoyed discovering the different roots and bugs that lived under the dirt as they dugged.

Becoming very proud that finally her dream garden will be a reality!!

Michelle is trying to grow a pond we also brought six goldfish.

DJ has plans to make this hide out.

DJ is more interested in growing food that he can eat. We also finally got to our upside down tomatoe planter.

I very happy about how the day turned out! What could of been a lazy day turned into a very productive day.

See ya'll back here tomorrow!!!

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