Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Report: The Basics

Today we used the weather for every reason why there shouldn't be school today. After a few lazy days it was hard to kick into gear.
 For math today DJ worked on patterning figures and numbers. Ken worked on finding the perimeter of polygons.

 They both requested new spelling words this week. Ken will work on spellings for long and short o,i, and u. DJ will be working on words with double consonants and long u.

DJ and I have been reading the book Harry Houdini for Kids. Did you know that Houdini's real name was Ehrich Weiss? Did you know that Houdini worked as an apprentice to a locksmith and learned from there how to get out of locks? Fun facts that are keeping DJ interested in reading this book. He has been practicing "The Great Escape" for his first performance this Friday.
  Ken stayed busy creating some new hairstyles and practicing live on stage. LOL!! They also spent a great deal of time experimenting with a webcam.  The truth is we were slow going today after a four day weekend:) It still was worth it!!!  


  1. I love your new header photo!!

  2. The stage turned out nice! Are you done with the backdrop? Would love to see pictures!

    1. We haven't finished the backdrop yet,I'll be sure to share pics. Thank you for stopping by!!


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