Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Learning Report

This week flew by fast for us. We got great weather and took on a project to enhance their learning space.

In math DJ worked on division and multiplication.
Ken did tons of review using workbook pages.
In language they got some new spelling words, and did a lot of spelling practice. They also finished up their read  alouds and now they are doing the comparison game with books. Just hoping that they can find books that will be as enjoyable as the ones they just finished.
    Ken is now matching butterfly species to their host plants. Very exciting as she is learning new vocabulary.                                                                        
    DJ had fun with setting up a desert diorama                                                                            
We begin an artist study about Andy Warhol..
A nature walk was requested that is exactly what we did.
 Where learning occurred the most was when they performed practical life skills working as a team, negotiating between the paint color and the rug style. I was able to observe them agreeing to disagree and for that lesson I can really get a good night's sleep!!      

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  1. As usual, lots of fun stuff is happening at your homeschool. I love the diorama!

  2. What a fun and busy work week. Love how much your kids are learning doing their own little project!

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