Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daily Report: Iron-Ons and Face Painting

After reading our read alouds we decided to take their work outside. The night before they checked out the weather report that indicated rain in the forecast in the afternoon.
 The clouds came and it became extremely windy. After being outside for two hours it was time to go back inside. They ate lunch and warmed up and then started another work session

 During this work period DJ perfected another trick and designed a flyer to pass out to invite everyone to his first Magic show.

 Today for the first time he was shown how to use an iron. He really enjoyed ironing his iron-on to what will be his magician cape.
 Ken is preparing to do a storytelling of The Hungry Caterpillar. She also plans to offer some face painting for entertainment. Ken has been practicing her skills using a webcam, so much fun!!
Ken also worked with the Adverb Box.

The rain never came, but I really enjoyed how the scheduling of the day turned out.


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