Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daily Report: Maths

DJ read working with Mulitples on his Work Plan today and got busy. They really rely on these plans to help guide them along during their work periods. It is a plan that gives them choices of ways to work on a specific skill that is also following their interest led learning.

He went on to record the multiples of seven in his Multiples booklet. This was not a brand new presentation, but one that needed to be repeated. Since he is all about multiplication I thought this was a good time to do this, and this time it clicked.

Percentages is something that Ken has prior knowledge of through working with various graphs. Today was her first lesson in how to solve basic percentage problems. This work came from Montessori For Learning. It was a well received lesson and to get the how to's pop over to the site, this lesson was a FREE download.

Ken's favorite thing about this lesson was working with the Golden Beads.

DJ also pulled Ken away from her work to have her drill him with the multiplication flashcards.

This activity was not written on his Work Plan, it was a fine choice though. Again the Work Plan is just a guide.
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