Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Scenes

Taking toys apart to find the right PC board to make a robot of his own invention.

Learning about skin care and made her own facial scrub.

Studying the psychology of superheroes. Really!

Watching Jeopardy with me and saying "ooh we need to learn more Greek Mythology" :)

The kids enjoyed themselves at the mall arcade today while I was able to browse the books at my favorite bookstore Barnes & Noble. Today was the first day of Educator's Appreciation Week!! So I got to get a discount of 25% off each item. Usually they pick out there books, but I just went for it and changed up their read alouds since they just finished their previous books. I think I hit the hammer on the nail with these selections.

DJ I think is going to love that this book because it has lots of pictures, and a little boy that takes apart toys too for almost the same reason as his.

I think Ken will be able to identfy with Margret and her changes due to puberty and her relationship with God.

I already received hugs and kisses from Michelle for this book. " Oh I really needed this to finish my project that is due on Monday". What? Due on Monday?

I am really eager for us to return to structured schooling on Monday for two reasons. One reason is I am excited to read with DJ and Ken on Monday. The second reason is I want to know what Michelle's project will turn out like. I am really happy her school year is coming to an end. I can tell you that she will probably put a lot of work into this. BUT she is a big procrastinator and unfortunately her teachers' will probably still give her an A. Therefore she will not learn about how preparation breeds better results. I guess this is a topic for another post.

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