Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Corn Snake

Have you ever been waiting on your kids to request a certain want just because you know what you or their father had desired as a child? Well I knew this was going to happen with DJ as soon as he started looking up information about snakes. No it isn't me who ever had any interest in snakes. DJ's dad has always been interested in snakes. He has lots of fun and interesting stories to share about how he came to own his first snake, interesting information about the various snakes he once owned. In fact I was scared of snakes until I met him. When we met in college he had an Albino Burmese Python that was huge!!  Fast forward to now. DJ if left to his own devices can be found on You Tube watching videos just about snakes. For the past year he has tried with great effort to convince me to get him a snake. DJ would of probably struck gold months ago if his dad was not out of state right now. I am not a snake expert and let me be honest I am still a bit afraid of them.  Yesterday morning DJ asked me again would I get him a pet snake. So I say I don't know much about them(remember I am still scared of them). He says excitedly " I know a lot about them!". From there he goes on and on filling me up with all the information he knows. Then I confess" I am scared of  snakes!". He says that" O.K because you are only afraid of things that you don' know about, remember when you told me that?"  Man, did I say that, I guess it was time to eat my own words. DJ found out a lot of information about Corn Snakes. He said he knows more about them because everything he read about snakes said that Corn Snakes are the best beginner pet snake, their bite might feel like a pinch.

Then I had one more question "Does the pet store have any Corn Snakes?" He called and sure enough they had one baby Corn Snake. Next thing I know he is cleaning tanks, and making a list of all the things the snake and the habitat will need.

I must say that when we arrived at the pet store I was still not 100% totally into purchasing the snake. When I heard DJ carrying a conversation with the lady who was knowledgeable about snakes I was impressed. He had done his homework and had done it well. The lady said to him " Looks like you done your research". Enough said, DJ was now a owner of a pet Corn Snake.

 DJ set up the tank and was explaining why it was necessary for it to be done. I got a nice lesson !!   

Last night it was difficult to get DJ to go to sleep. He wanted to take pictures, learn even more,etc.        

At the pet store they gave him a feeding schedule which he placed under his pillow so he could fall asleep dreaming about his first feeding Friday.                   



  1. your son rocks!
    (and i'm scared of snakes too)

  2. I am right there with you on the snakes.

    In our home, it is guinea pigs - I keep talking about pet guinea pig from childhood (the only pet my mother ever let me have besides fish in a tank), so he wants a guinea pig as soon as we move where we can have our own animals.

    I can't complain in this case ;) I'm SO happy it's not a snake!

    Your son sounds a lot like mine - research, organize, and go for it. :)


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