Monday, June 4, 2012

No Break Necessary: "Just Want To Sleep In Later"

Well these kids are on their week off break. After talking to them last night it appears that they really don't want a school break, they want to sleep in later and stay up later. We negotiated on the times and were all happy. Next week though we go back to the uninterrupted three hour work period, and  it will start at 9 a.m. sharp!! Because I need a break. LOL. I procrastinated on making materials you see:(

 It just so happened that we were at the book store when they were celebrating their Summer Reading Program. The theme was Superhereos. DJ and Michelle were excited about this. DJ enjoyed getting his face painted. One thing that is for sure about DJ is he loves to participate in things when he can win prizes. Both DJ and Ken enrolled in this program. For every eight books they read, they get a free book. The program was only for grades 1-6.
 Today Michelle had her first formal lesson in Spanish via Skype. It  was also her first time being on Skype so it was a fun experience. The Spanish lessons are part of a review item, so I'll give you all the details at a later time.

 The news around here is that they all are into using the video camera and performing. They talked me into buying their first prop. A lemonade/Cookie Stand. They actually do plan on making some money selling lemonade. However their goal is to film a commercial on "How To Have A Successful Lemonade Stand". Today Michelle began writing the script. It was so much fun observing them, hearing them talk about what is the best recipe for making lemonade, and all of the ins and outs.
 Of course putting the stand together was DJ's real motivation for me buying the stand.

While DJ was putting together the stand Ken did some division work using the Stamp game.

 When she was done working on math problems she added on the cookie stickers to the stand.

 Young Entrepreneurs in the making!!!


  1. Very cool! I would love to see the finished commercial?

  2. Oh yeah! They have a you tube channel that I will definetly link to. I hope they will let me share it here too:)

  3. Your kids are the coolest learners! I love reading about all the cool opportunities you provide for your kids! Great job!


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