Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Report: Hodge-podge

Still working on preparing the environment.

 Just one more coat of paint and Michelle will be done with painting her office.

 Using the Stamp Game to solve three digit subtraction regrouping problems. It has been awhile since DJ chose some Montessori math materials to work with, I was excited that he chose this work today.

       I put up the tent and it became an informative observation space for DJ to share his snake.

It also became a place to enjoy some reading time while outdoors.    

 Ken has been working on creating a magazine. So she has been designing bags, and flip flops. Also Ken has been taking online photography classes in a summer camp for kids. Ken loves being busy, busy,busy.




  1. As always- I'm impressed! Your kids' enthusiasm for learning is wonderful!

  2. Thank you!! I really enjoy reading the happenings of your homeschool. Unfortunately I am unable to leave comments on wordpress blogs:(

  3. Oh, is that something I can fix on my end?

  4. I am not really sure. I have this problem with all wordpress blogs. I am going to look into it. I sure love your unschooling style of homeschooling, very inspiring!!


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