Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daily Report: Missing

Today was a very sad day for DJ. When DJ woke up he found that his snake was missing. The bottom of the tank shows no sign that it could of escaped from it. It was very hard for him to concentrate on anything else. He did manage to create a Missing flyer.

 Ken completed another Geometric Cabinet Command Card. I liked how she took her time with this.

 After this work she did the Parts of the Sun three part cards. Which led her to wanting to do some sun experiments. Tomorrow it is expected to be 98 degrees, so she made a solar oven in hopes to scramble some eggs outside.        

      Doll making and Algebra is what Michelle spent time on today.

Well according to the weather report tomorrow will be backyard swimming day and a whole lot of Sun experiments.                                                                                                                                                                                                      


  1. That is so sad that DJ's snake is missing! Hope he finds it.

    Around what age do the kids start working on the Geometric Command Cards? D who is 5, can read well and seems like she will enjoy these, may be i should get these???

    1. I am not really sure when children start using the Command Cards. My guess is when they are independently reading it would allow for independent work. Ken is 11 years old. Most of the work on the cards I think primary students in a Montessori school would be able to do. I add these in as a work choice to pull them into some geometry work. Right now the Command Cards are the work in this area that they want to do. I highly recommend them.

    2. Thanks, since D reads well, I think t should try it out!

    3. (I hope it's ok to respond to this question though it's not my blog - this material isn't a heavily popularized item so has lots of questions :) )

      The initial command cards can start whenever a child needs some direction with the work and some ideas for expansion on the main presentations (and reading ;) ). After that, I pull them back in with older children too, to provide a few more challenges or experiences for review - but then I personally make a bit more involved.

      Officially they are supposed to be to ignite ideas for exploration and application - in typical usage, we find several situation that make them either necessary or very desirable. So everyone uses them as their own situation calls for :)

  2. So sorry to hear about DJ's snake. I hope it turns up!

    I'm so excited to hear how this sun oven and any related experiments turn out!

  3. I am excited about the experiments too.

    DJ is doing better now. He is determined to find his snake. Right now he is creating a bait trap. My fingers are crossed.

  4. Sorry to hear that DJ's snake is missing. Where would a corn snake hide? We have a missing cat. Missing pets are heart breaking. :( praying that the snake re-appears soon!

  5. Thank you!! It is heartbreaking, I really hope that you will find your cat.


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