Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daily Report: June 20,2012

Now that the kids have gone through their worksheet phase it is time for me to get some works on the shelf. The kids have been busier than I thought they would be doing their school work( I am not complaining:), which makes me feel behind in preparing their work. This week has been very hot!! So being indoors during the hottest period of the day has contributed to this work explosion. I am happy that we will be able to make some material purchases very soon. So far in our official homeschooling journey I was only able to purchase three new to us Montessori materials ( not including downloads). Now that they are ready for many presentations it is important to me that they have the Bead Cabinet materials, Multiplication Checkerboard, Constructive Triangles( metal) ,  Fundamental Needs Of Man Cards, I think they will be making their own time lines, there is another math work that I am forgetting about right now. Thanks to a review item we have tons of map works that I just have to put together. Prepare some language works that I already purchased that they are now interested in. Also I need to find and research anything that has to do with the Elements they are all interested in this. I am praying that I will be able to purchase the Lego Mind Storm Kit for DJ, a much better sewing machine for Ken and an assortment of fabric with patterns, and a Screen Printing Machine for Michelle which means a trip to Hobby Lobby for the go along materials.  After making these purchases I would want this Microscope !! This microscope would become my kids best friend (not exaggerating one bit). I know that they will talk me into other purchases to support various projects along the way. I really think these purchases are necessary and will provide hours of work at least until January. We do school for six weeks and then off for a week. This helps prevent burnout, and did I ever mention that I strongly feel that sleep is under rated. My kiddos are just recovering from 6 in the morning days. These purchases do not define any goal setting, just what I know that they will get the most out of right now.

 DJ has falling in love with Calligraphy and combined his two most favorite things together while completing a journal page about the Emerald Tree Boa.
 His passion for math is in full effect right now. DJ has been blowing me away with his discovery of number patterns. He loves to figure out house numbers and how they relate to where they are on the street.

 Ken started painting her weather map , still more to do before this work is complete. Ken has falling in love with spell check and recently has been word processing tons of  formal letters.

         A butterfly emerged.

No pics of Michelle because you do not want to disturb an author at work. She has been diligently writing away. An Algebra textbook arrived yesterday well see how this works for her. Michelle says her favorite part of her day is when we read together. Oh Yeah! That reminds me to purchase some classics like Beowulf  for her reading pleasure. What I love about her choice of reading selections is that I would never read them otherwise. So I am learning that I avoided certain books for no reason, because I actually enjoy reading them too,well with her anyway.                                                                


  1. Yea it has been real hot this week here in MI! We've been having swimming classes! New materials are awesome and seems like you have a big wish list! We are loving our new purchases so far! Happy summer!

  2. We wish we could do swimming classes!! I didn't realize you lived in Michigan too. Have fun in pool, because you know tomorrow it could probably rain all day. Thank you for stopping by!!


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