Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily Report: Summer Reading

Hurrah for Ken!! She completed the Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading Program. If you read eight books and give each one a recommendation you earn a free book.

 Here she is reading her FREE book. There are no limits to the program so Ken is completing another eight books so she can get another FREE book.

 DJ wanted all his friends to see his snake eat.  A real learning experience for him !! Just like one of the books he has read about Corn Snakes said that they may not eat while others are watching.
 As soon as he took the snake to another place where others couldn't see, it ate!

 Shoes,shoes, shoes has kept Michelle busy. Along with reading a chapter in Beowulf  for good measure.

                             More Stamp Game action.
                                               Bridge almost done.

 Ken literally begged to join in with Michelle and I during our read aloud. Awesomeness, a perfect way to increase Kens' fluency and to get Michelle to slow down a bit. I am loving the collaboration these two sisters are bringing to our home school atmosphere. Michelle is really helping Ken out a whole lot more than I thought she would.

    Working on making a weather map.                

Another work that Ken is working on is making a portfolio of her work done in her Summer Photography Camp For Kids-June 2012 
 There were way too many choices for albums and scrapbooks for her to decide when picking out a few designer papers to complete day 1 through day 5. So she settled on just getting the pages to decorate for this weeks' lessons. The class last for three weeks and each  page will document the day's lesson. Ken will use the photos from the daily assignment for illustrations.

 Photos from Day1 and Day 2.
 Ken has been learning lots of new things about using a camera. The camera and her are inseparable right now.  I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't get to doing the layout of the pages to the weekend. Too much reading going on and the sun is bringing lots of happiness our way.                                                                                                                        


  1. As always, your homeschool looks so industrious! It's always inspiring to come for a peek! Are you continuing to school all summer?

  2. Thank you!! Yes we are going to try doing the year round scheduling schedule.

  3. How cool to are your girls collaborating! I see an exciting school year in your future, but for now I'm loving the chance to follow you all through the summer!


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