Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Report: Montessori Monday


 DJ chose to build the Decanomial square with the bead bars.
 Thanks to another great DK book DJ spent most of his morning reading and enjoying his snake note booking page that you can find here.
DJ also played a game of Snake War with his friend Mumble.
 This game comes with 125 cards that have a picture and  information about the snake on each card. Each card has a danger score. The players each get 19 cards. Each player turns their snake card face up and see who has the highest danger score. The player with the highest danger score number wins the round. It was fun watching them really get into the game and learn more about snakes at the same time.    

 Today DJ started a half day camp that he will attend two times a week. This gives him the opportunity to be around boys his age. DJ had much fun and I think this is something that he really needed!! He is becoming very interested in wanting to play team sports so this is where we will start.                                                                                                                                      

 Ken set up a taste test with the preschoolers. She made a lemonade iced tea drink and wanted the preschoolers to discover the mystery drink.

                Working on making a weather map.

  Ken also did some beginning Calligraphy work. In math she did some long division where she is learning different ways to solve long division problems with a review item.     


Besides writing a book and teaching a group of preschoolers how to play a game of ring toss.
 She is definitely designing some shoes. Michelle is waiting for her math books to arrive. Both girls are enjoying learning about the juvenile legal system during our readings. 

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  1. Where did you get the snake cards? My son is obsessed with snakes and his birthday is in a couple weeks. I think he'd love it!


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