Saturday, June 9, 2012

Warning: A Corn Snake Feeds!!

Yesterday one of our highlights was observing DJ's new pet Corn Snake feed. It is fed frozen pinkies(mice). I never thought that I would have frozen mice in my freezer!!

 I really admire DJ's passion in snakes. He has taken full responsibility for the caring of his pet. The first thing that he did was thaw out the pinkie in warm water.
 He carries his snake around all the time and I really do believe that this pet of his knows who he is already. DJ informed me that it is advised to feed the snake in an enclosed area that is not the snake's habitat. This is to make sure that when he comes to the snake, the snake won't associate their meeting every time with feeding.
 At the pet store we were really excited about picking up the pinkies that we forgot about buying the correct feeding tongs. That didn't stop the show. DJ  wiggled the pinkie like a professional, seriously all through this process you would of thought he had fed a snake before.
He patiently waited for the snake to eat. In fact it took about two minutes and he said "I read somewhere that they may not eat while your watching them". See something new I learned., and he was absolutely right!!
 It was amazing to see this snake eat something that appeared to be way too big.
  After observing the feeding he recorded it on his feeding chart.

It just amazes me how much I am learning on our homeschooling journey. This week I learned so much through my children and it just makes everything feel so natural. I went from being afraid of mice to housing frozen mice while DJ became a proud pet owner. Were on our way to the library. DJ wants more books to read about snakes, he says " You can't learn everything on the internet".

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  1. "You can't learn everything on the internet"

    I love this statement! He is SO right! I hope he holds onto that idea for the rest of his life :)

    We moms sure do amazingly different things than what we thought we would, *especially* after starting to homeschool!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by!! It made my day to hear him so excited to learn that the internet may not even know the answers to his questions. His questions mean a lot to him:)


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