Friday, June 1, 2012

A Magician's Cape

The Magic Show/Storytelling performance was cancelled due to rain today. DJ and Ken were actually happy about this, because they have came up with new ideas along the way. They really are making a big production out of this and having lots of fun. It tickles me how one idea inspires the other. They both "ooh" and "aah" each other. So DJ has been working on making a cape, I asked him to write down everything he needed. This request has been quite a learning experience. Every time he has finished one part he needs something else.  His list was very basic, black fabric, sewing needle, black thread.

We go to get the supplies and while we are walking around the store, DJ says I need a design on the back, so we pick up an Iron-on.
When he is done with adding the design I asked him what did he need the needle and the thread for.

Oh! I forgot to put the red fabric on the list so I could sew it to the inside of the cape and I need ribbon to tie around the neck of the black fabric. I say O.K it is best to look over the list twice just in case there is something that is missed.

  For the past two days he has been so content working on his cape and improving his sewing skills.

 It turned out so lovely and DJ is so proud!! But there's one more thing that he forgot to put on his list.

   Iron -On  Letters:) "The Amazing DJ". It was great that he did forget this you see, because if he remembered everything he wouldn't of been able to conclude for himself that there is one important skill that may have helped him create a better list. I simply said " This is going to be our last trip to the store" and I quickly moved on to something else. Within minutes DJ came to me and said " Thank you for taking me back to the store, but before we go I need to do some more RESEARCH on Magician Capes, so I know exactly what I need and how I want it to look".  Hmmm.. Research. Ready, Set, Go!!                                                                                                                                                                              


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