Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classification of Living Things: Montessori Monday

Right now DJ has a strong interest in Snakes. He has been using index cards to draw and record the names of snakes that he has been reading about in his Snake book by DK.

When I saw this activity available at Montessori Print Shop it was right on time.  Ken and DJ have been working on the Plant and Animal Kingdoms for some time. DJ was especially happy to see this work on the shelf today.
 I used the color coded chart simply because my children love work that is in color, it attracts their eyes. I love the simplicity of this activity and DJ did well. He was familiar with all the terms, but seeing how it all connected allowed him to be able to absorb the information.
 The best part was the cards that showed an example of classification.
 When I presented DJ with these cards he already knew what he wanted to do.

DJ wanted to make his own classification cards, this is exactly what I thought he wanted to do. Using his Snake book he made some cards that listed the Kingdom, Species, and Family. He chose to use the information that was provided in the book and later he will research to find the phylum, etc.
      To DJ this activity was well overdue and pure enjoyment.
         This is one of his classification cards.

I am really grateful to Montessori Print Shop for preparing this work and giving directions that were very clear and straight to the point. Did I mention affordable too?

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  2. Thank you Deb!! I really enjoy visiting your pinterest boards.


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