Monday, July 2, 2012

Routine, Routine, Routine

For math Ken and DJ worked in their Life of Fred books. Ken worked on functions and DJ learned more about about types of lines specifically concurrent lines. Michelle did some algebra where she did problems adding,subtracting, dividing and multiplying positive and negative fractions and decimals. They read their read a louds with me and then got busy doing other things. Right now their on lunch break and really fired up. I didn't have any plan activities for them today, so I am just planning away and enjoying this relaxed time we have with only us this week. Yes I am on vacation from work this week, and I am happy!!

 Ken has been having fun making bracelets with candy wrappers. It is great practical life work for her.

 DJ it is all about Ants inspired by the Backyard Safari science kits. In the photo he is putting the Ant Farm together
 He put some bread with sugar water to catch him a colony of ants.
                                                              Instant success!!
                                                  Observing the ant carrying some bread.
All activities inspired by this badge that he will iron onto his vest as soon as he completes all of the activities.                                                                          
       Michelle has been writing away.

So much for scheduled school breaks around here. I guess years of sticking to the same routine is paying off.  I think I'll keep track of our school days by the days we actually miss doing school.                                                                        

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