Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reading, Zoology, And A Volunteer Opportunity

DJ was approved to be a volunteer at our local zoo!  The joy I saw in his eyes when I shared the news with him cannot be explained in words. His strong interest in Zoology has overflowed in every area of his life. DJ's love of nature is immeasurable.

                                                                  Picture taken by DJ
When he found these two seedlings  that he sowed all by himself the world stopped and his love for Botany grew enormously.      

While he researches his own questions his reading improves. It has improved so much that it has become difficult to find reading books to match his interest in a way that it dosen't look like college material. I am not exaggerating one bit when it comes to his reading level. I have scoured the internet endlessly and started doing flips when I discovered the Scientist In The Field Series. This series of books follows a scientist in the field of science. There are a wide range of topics and now I am finding more in this series everyday.
In Fall we will start the series with The Snake Scientist where he will journey with a scientist in Canada learning more about Garner Snakes. It is only a 48 page book, he will finish this in two days for sure. So to go along with learning more about scientist involving snakes we will read The Snake Charmer together.

This book he will learn the risk of working with venomous snakes, go in depth to understanding the concept of mimicry, and much more.  In this book a scientist dies while working with snakes. We will also talk about death, not a new subject for him at all and it will not take him out of his comfort zone. This book I will read ahead and make his word list, and other language works from. I have no doubts that he can comprehend and read this book.

While DJ volunteers at the zoo I am required to be with him because of his age. It is definitely going to be a rewarding experience for him and I. DJ will visit and learn more about his volunteer opportunity in the next couple of weeks. His regular volunteer schedule will be put in place to start in September. 

Today we are headed to the library to check out the book Z is for Zookeeper. Sleeping Bear Press has a really neat activity guide to go along with this book which he wants to complete while reading the book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  1. Congratulations DJ! The volunteer job is awesome! Take pics if you can!


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