Monday, July 30, 2012

High School language Arts: The Freedom Writers Diary

While browsing through the bookstore Michelle discovered a gem. When she found me in another section she was running toward me saying " Look what I found", " Can we do this for Language Arts?" After reading the title I could see where this was going because she enjoyed watching this movie.

Ideally this book would work best in a group setting, Michelle is determined to make it work. What I like most about this program is how it promotes peace through understanding and respecting diversity. It challenges the student to look deeper into themselves and leads them into service projects. I know we are going to have great discussions and learning experiences while completing this program. Another bonus is it meets National Standards in Language Arts. There are plenty of book suggestions too. Out of all of our other learning tools I bet this is going to be the best because she picked it.

A lot of our learning tools that I ordered are arriving everyday so I think it would be fitting for me to take a break from this space. I  have a lot of reading to do!!

See you soon :)                              
P.S I still have some reviews to share.                            

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