Monday, July 23, 2012


I have really been pushing the kids to get out of the classroom so I can prepare some things for the next session. They have been mostly sticking to our routine which is great. They have been doing their read alouds, and mostly review items. Being in their "office" is just not  feasible while I am trying to add new works that I don't want to present right now. So I have been Strewing. It has been working out well, especially since they are great with adding their own spin on things.

Garage sales have made strewing even easier for me..

 This Radiometer was a dollar. Just perfect for outside entertainment.
                                    ( Don't look at those socks, that's for a whole different post) LOL.
 DJ instantly went to try to figure out what this was. Once he read the box, he went to sketching in his science journal and exploring how it was working.

    The Tripod was $2.00. Ken is filming a video about herself.

       Just give Michelle a book and she is all good. The book is a review item.

Before we know it the work period is over and it is time for lunch. Strewing has helped us keep our routine and keep our curiosity alive.                                                                                                                                               

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