Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our History Plans

This plan for history is to start this Fall.

This book will be our spine as we delve into Prehistory. Tons of information presented in a way that allows for independent work to emerge, questions to be asked and the scientific method will undoubtedly become ingrained in their absorbent minds.

I love this timeline because it is durable and it folds into a book. We don't have any wall space that would accommodate a timeline. At Amazon it is unavailable but just Google it and you can find it from other suppliers.

Ancient Creature cards also from Charlie's Play House.

Photo from
They actually will be working with the download from Montessori for Everyone. Depending on their interest I will make the books provided at Fossils,facts and finds.

Photos from Montessori Services

I will order the hand chart from Montessori Services. We'll have fun making The Long Black Strip.

The rest of this history plan waits as their interest develops and research takes off. I think these materials will be more than enough. I purposely left out a great deal so I could allow them to discover on their own. With the Elections in Fall and kids that ask questions I hope that we can make great connections to how all this relates to The Fundamental Needs of Man. Right now they are not interested in this work, but maybe this event can help change this because they love politics( or at least dissecting campaign ads). I will be using the card set available at Montessori For Everyone. These activities could last for months or just weeks. When they are ready to move on we will use Story of the World Vol I.

To see what others are learning or will be learning about Geography and History please visit All Things Beautiful.

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