Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Arts: Fall 2012


                                                      Photo from  Montessori Services

   These are companion cards that go along with the Art program by Aline Wolf. While using these cards they will learn to match, pair and sort by artist.

 We finally will be doing formal art lessons using Meet The Masters. We will start with Track A which includes history and hands on art activities about Van Gogh, Cassatt, Mondrian, Monet, and Picasso. They will select the Artist and they will get as much time as they would like to learn about the specific artist. There will be other activities available on the shelf to add to independent work. The art shelf will be supplied with the proper mediums according to artist and their creativity will supply countless hours of fun learning.

                                                 Foreign Language
When the kids were younger we learned Latin together using Song School Latin by Classical Academic Press.

 By popular demand they will be picking up where they left off. Recently we have been listening to the CD and reviewing.                                                                                                                                        

Music Appreciation will be gently woven into our program of studies. We will be using the Maestro Classics homeschooling guides that go along with their CD's.  What I like about the guides is how they have made it possible to connect all subjects while appreciating music, especially history.

                                                  Photo from What Did We Do All Day?   

Using this tutorial that has been in my plans forever we will have some bells similar to the ones in the picture shown above. I say similar because I am known to mess up anything that has to do with paint.LOL. In this tutorial  My Boy's Teacher gives great details on how you can create and implement the bells just as if you have the costly Montessori Bells. We will use Gettman's presentations for the bells and if they are interested in this material we will follow all of her plans as described in her Music postings.
I would like to share how I was able to purchase our curriculum purchases at a very low price. I have been on Ebay. It can get dirty!! LOL. It can be time consuming!!  It has been a lot of fun wining bids!! It is so worth it!!  The only thing that you will see that I paid full price for in our curriculum purchases are downloads, then again I found a few coupon codes along the way.

Next up our plans for Language Arts, Math, Botany/Zoology, Geography, and their Projects.                                                        

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