Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Cooking?

Things are looking like they are headed in the right direction in our homeschool. I thought the process of deschooling them was going to take much longer,but they are ready even Michelle is moving along well. With that said they are really into Practical Life activities. It is like their reading my mind now. Last week I was pondering about our summer work activities. I was thinking what can we be doing to make life easier for us all now that can benefit us in the busier months of homeschooling. Just as I completed this thought Michelle enters the room and ask "When will I be able to learn how to cook dinner." Ken and DJ chime in "Me too." "Tomorrow" I say and they have been assisting in the kitchen every since. We all play a part in dinner making. This was not their ideal of what they were asking. They were meaning to say "When Can I Cook Dinner By Myself!!" Well that would make life easier wouldn't it?  If there were days when the kids cook dinner. It sounds good but it takes a lot of work on by behalf, but I am READY to do it. They will learn plenty of skills like making lists, menu planning, reading cookbooks, measuring, following directions, reviewing elapsed time, learning different types of table setting, and I think cooking is perfect way to learn from mistakes and get creative.

The first thing we did to get them independently cooking was find cookbooks that we like. At the book store we found two to begin with. They both have recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. It was important for me for them to understand vocabulary like simmer,marinade,and all those other terms that I have taken for granted knowing what they mean. Also names of utensils that I may often to refer to as "thingie" when I am cooking in a rush:)

 This book does a great job explaning cooking utensils and the snack recipes are just awesome.

This book has very doable recipes of foods from around the world. This cookbook has inspired them to add cultural studies to their dinner planning. Ken wants to make tablecloths of flags of the country to add to her dinner. Michelle wants to learn words from the languages so we can talk over dinner. DJ wants to create and learn games to play according to the country. Great ideas!!

The first things that we are tackling is menu planning, making grocery lists and checking our utensil drawers to make sure we have everything needed to create meals. I hope that this plan will allow them to take over dinner duties in the near future. Right now they are still assisting while working on these goals. Day by day I hope that I can let go, and cheer them on.                                                                            


  1. Oh, I look forward to seeing all of this unfold. You are such a wonderful teacher. (I love your header, too. He is so cute.)

  2. Love it! Those cookbooks look fun. If you haven't heard of Eat Your Way Through the USA and The U.S. History Cookbook, you may want to check them out. They have fun stuff too.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing about their creations!


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