Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Report: When Learning Comes Easy

Our Summer Schooling has been fun and relaxed. I love how they thrive from having a routine.They know how to have fun creative learning experiences.

 While on a bike ride in our neighborhood DJ discovered a tree that the bark of it was camouflaged. Now he is curious to know what kind of tree is this.

 Ken  has been writing more lately and was inspired by a magazine she was reading to write her own magazine article.  
 Finding answers to some of those scientific questions she has been pondering.

Even though today they were not  in company of their project partners they stayed dedicated to the Learning Garden and set up the second garden bed so deadlines can still be met.                                                                                                                           
We were in Target last night and Ken discovered a clearance item that was a good deal and surprisingly educational.
Books from Our Generation. Ken instantly thought of Partner Reading or having a Book Club with Marie another schoolager. For $5.50 I supported her idea, turns out the books are better than I thought too. Since they are partner reading I brought two copies of each book.
   Don't Let the title fool you. This book is really about volunteering.
 I especially like how the words are printed larger and how Ken and her partner can improve their glossary skills.I think this book is a third grade reading level. Ken is at a seventh grade reading level, she loves to read for enjoyment and has creative writing ideas to use with this book. Ken's partner is entering fourth grade so it is  nice that they may be able to help each other through following along on the same page, decoding difficult words, and comprehension.                                             
Ken's partner didn't join us today, so she decided to prepare everything. She made a list of all of the objects that came with the book.    
Here is a picture of the objects.
 After making the list she placed the objects and the book in a bag, this way they can take their books outside if they wish.
 Story Cubes got Michelle interested in making blank books so she can write the stories she makes up and explain her version of what the symbols mean.

 I set up Yahtzee on a tray to be used independently or with friends on the math shelves. DJ totally enjoyed it. It is a great game for number sense. He got a great addition work out and we talked about probability as well.                  

Only after I walked out the room  did DJ roll a Large Straight. Yeah right! We then consecutively rolled the dice for at least five times and neither one of us rolled a straight. LOL.

It seems like everyday I am learning so much from them how naturally learning can happen. Which leaves my planning in a limbo.                   

I have become very irritated by the white highlighting. I spent more time trying to remove this then it actually took for me to write this post!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


  1. I continue to be amazed at what active, self-directed learners you have. It's so cool to see what they come up with!

  2. I always appreciate reading your kind comments. Thank you.


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