Monday, July 9, 2012

A Learning Garden

Today I had another home visit from the Foster Care Agency, just two more visits and I shall be approved to be a foster care parent. Excited but nervous. In this type of situation you never know what your getting yourself into until well your into it. The lady came in the morning while the kids were doing their usual school work. I missed observing them so not much to share. Our summer schooling is taking a life of its' own and I am loving it. The kids are excited about sharing their space with the other schoolagers that are with me during the summer. They are excited about presenting materials that they have mastered and have really become collaborative project based learners. They have been still working on the Lemonade stand, making jewelry, doing lots of puzzles together and now they have developed a Learning Garden.

 It is fun to observe this type of work, because I can always see how each child's interest is shown through their participation in their projects.
 They still have another garden bed to prepare before planting. They were so thrilled to get outside and get some work done.
  They plan to grow a fruit and vegetable garden, also some wildflowers in another bed.

Their culminating activity is to simulate a farmers' market. In Michigan we never know how our seeds will grow. Based on our past weather planting the garden in July was right on time.                                                                            

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