Monday, July 9, 2012

E-Learning With Professor B: A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Professor B is a math program that is computer based. You download worksheets for additional practice. There are three levels within this program, and Algebra is coming soon. It starts with working with numbers one through ten and the student progresses learning math concepts up to transforming decimals into equivalent percents. Although it is computer based there are no sounds, in fact it is all scripted and is intended for the child and parent to work side by side during the lesson presentations.

My kids love working on the computer. So when I asked DJ would he join me on the computer he quickly joined me for a lesson.

DJ was annoyed that there was no sound. This is a screenshot of level 1 geared toward PreK through second grade.
He felt really talked down to when he was asked to use his fingers
He was able to solve the problem right along with the step by step directions. Success?

After the first lesson I could only get DJ to do this program with bribery, a few worksheets were still completed. I decided that maybe this program would be a better fit for Ken.

Ken worked with me on this! We did this program over a two week span. She worked on Level II of the program which is geared toward third through fifth grade. At the end of the two weeks she was much better at locating exactly where she went wrong if her problem was incorrect. I contribute this to the step by step scripted lessons. When the two weeks were up she ran to her Montessori math materials like they were her best friends.

The truth is our home school is still in the deschooling process. With this being said a math program like this isn't what my family needs right now. It is too much like school, the textbook being the computer screen. We value creativity and a hands on approach to learning, especially math. I think we could use this program if we come across any remedial concerns with math. The step by step script leaves no room for misinterpretations.
The practice worksheets will be used when they have made it to the abstraction level of the concepts.

I would recommend this program to:
1. A traveling family who could not pack manipulatives.
2. Someone who wants a math program that is put all together.I
3. A parent with a child who is a visual learner.
4. A new homeschooling parent who may feel a bit intimidated about teaching their children math (everything is scripted)
5. A parent with a child who is an excellent reader who can work independently with a new math concept.
6. Possibly a tutor to target what skills need to be addressed.

Here are sample lessons.

The cost of this program is $20.00 for one level the more levels you add on the more you save. For all three levels it is $45.00 per month and there are several options to pay.

Professor B offers more than E learning. They have tons of arithmetic books, and algebra books too

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was given all three levels of the Professor B E-Learning program in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are entirely my own!!

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  1. I like your list of recommendations for whom might "fit" for this program. Doesn't really "fit" for us, sad to say..... I'm now following your blog (from the Crew). I'd be honored if you'd come follow mine! :-)


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