Thursday, December 20, 2012

At the Museum

We started our break with a bang going to the museum with Janessa.  Janessa is such an inspiration to be around and I wanted to do something special with her, she requested to go to the museum and so we went.

 We have attended the museum numerous of times, but we haven't been since summer and it changed a lot.
One of the newest exhibits they have is the Construction Zone where you can build to your hearts content. I really was fascinated by all of the props they had to stimulate creativity.
The blue prints really inspired them to want to build even more.

Janessa had quite a few favorite things that I got action shots of.
                                                                Exploring bubbles.
                                                            Making music.
        Catching butterflies in the nature area.
 Janessa  was happy to see that there was a place to also color and make a model Life cycle of the Butterfly.  She was so excited to get her own nature journal and a pencil.  

DJ really enjoyed the electricity area.

            Both Janessa and DJ spent a lot of time here.
                              Catching their shadows was a big hit.
         Discovering that physics is involved while throwing tennis balls.
 Another new exhibit was the addition of an terrarium and an aquarium
  The nature area has DJ already asking if we can go back on Saturday.  

Here are Ken's favorite things.

                                                           Build your own plant.                                                                        
                  Butterfly specimens and pictures.

         Like Janessa she also liked catching butterflies.  
                        Ken absolutely loved the simple machines.

We spent a quite a bit of time here today. I think I could actually count this a school day:)                                                                                                                                                                    


  1. What an absolutely awesome museum! It looks like everyone had a great time, and I bet Janessa felt super special. Love all the photos!

  2. Oh most definitely it should count as a school day!!! What fun, too.

  3. I definitely count that as an absolutely fantastic school day ;)

    I think I know which museum that is - I've not been there since before my son was born; I keep wanting to take him when we're back there visiting family but it never happens. Now I have nieces and nephews old enough to enjoy it, so I'll have to borrow them all from their moms and take them all ;)

    1. It is the Impression Five Museum. If you plan to go drop me a line would love to meet up with you there:)

  4. Very cool stuff! Looks very fun and educational - win, win.


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