Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's Poppin?

The kids got quite a bit of money for Christmas from friends and family. It isn't that they are hard to please children, but they can be difficult to buy for especially if you ask them what they would like. DJ will respond to the question  asking for something from the pet store. Ken and Michelle will answer by saying " Whatever you give me, I'll be happy with". They also understand that my kids have outgrown having to have the latest new toy that is on every commercial on t.v. during the holiday season.

DJ wanted the Hot Wheel's race track that mounts on the wall. It is is cool and since it was the only "toy" he asked me for I got it for him. Oh yeah he was also given a title of an honorary store employee from his favorite pet store. The one he calls and visits all the time, because they had a Bearded Dragon that they only offer to sell to employees first before going public.There is a long story behind this that I'll share later but he also got another pet. I know, I know !! They also awarded me the coolest mom ever too:) Because all of the workers in the Reptile department said there was no way their moms let them have any reptiles in the house when they lived at home. LOL. I admire DJ's dedication to his pets, you have to see how well he cares for them.

Ken is into her dolls so I got her a couple of doll furniture sets that will keep her busy all year along with also caring for her dogs Lexi and Luca.
 Michelle got the gift that she had asked for the last year or so the Xbox 360 with the Kinect. I was comfortable making this purchase because she will take care of it, and it will be in use for years by all three of them.

 When they got the money they already had their gifts for Christmas that they said that they really wanted!! The next day after Christmas we talked about what they should do with the money. I strongly suggested that they should save there money for maybe a vacation since we haven't left our city for at least two years now:( They liked this idea a lot and I told them that the next day we will go put the money in the bank. Well we didn't make it to the bank the next day because they had decided that they would like to use some of the money to start a business. What business? A  Popcorn Business!! I sent them away saying you need to write a letter persuading me to let this happen. I need to know how much money you need to have to start? Who are you going to sell the popcorn to? and What do I have to do, if anything?

They came back with a well written thought out letter that answered all of my questions and I was certainly surprised on how little money it takes to start a small popcorn business. They even added in the cost of advertisements and supplies that were reasonably priced. Their first customers? Yes you guessed it the preschoolers, schoolagers, and parents and when they make it "big" with them then they sell it to the public with nice catalogs. It's their dream!! They said all I have to do is ask the parents if it is O.K to sell the popcorn, supervise them making it, and take them to get the supplies when it runs out.

It is their money and I can't stand in the way of what they consider their big dream!!

 Now they are proud owners of a Popcorn business. I think what I love most about this is that they put their money together and came up with a plan. They have been busy with the development of this business all on their own. Another thing that made my heart smile is that these three kids have some good business sense. They still have more than half of their Christmas money left that they were happy to put in the bank.

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  1. You are a cool mom! Letting them have reptiles... and a popcorn business! Good luck to the kids on their new venture! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. What a great round of Christmas presents. You have wonderfully unique children. {Hugs all around.}

  3. How wonderful!

    I love their business sense!

  4. You have such amazing children! You'll have to keep us posted on how their business grows. I'm curious to hear about the new pet, too!

  5. Love it! A Popcorn business!

    Bear would love a bearded dragon, but he already has his hands full. He is actually considering re-homing two of his snakes - the one that bit him recently and another one. LOL

    Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  6. You much as I love animals reptiles are not on my list of favorites..sorry DJ but you are a lucky boy to have such a great mommy that dreams with you guys dreams.
    by the way love love the pictures : )


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