Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap- Up: Winter Break Coming Soon:)

This week went better than expected. I think half days are what's up, especially since we school year round. It seemed to create a higher level of concentration in all that they did. Since September the kids have only missed two recorded days of "school". It is niceworking at a pace that isn't causing anyone to burn out (at least not yet). Next week will be our last week of school for the year 2012. It will only be four days, because on Friday we have our traditional school party.

 In All About Spelling this week they did dictionary work and requested a whole lot of sentences to be dictated to them.
                               More work with Sentence Analysis
 Ken has been doing a lot of creative writing, started reading a new book and has been making some play doh food.

DJ finished reading The Frog Scientist  and was really intrigued how they detailed and illustrated The Scientific Method. He also started reading a new book, which is about one of his most favorite thing it is quite informative for the snake owner. He went crazy when he watched his snake shed for the first time this week.

 I reintroduced them to the Tree Identification Set1 work from Montessori Print Shop. This time it was a fun game for them, I'll have to wait and see if they return to this work next week in order to tell if this work keeps their interest.                                                                             

They also went around the house collecting elements that they could find. The candle in the jar represents gas.                                                                        

Their geography studies have been a blast learning about Israel, playing several rounds of a game to learn more about the Jewish culture.
  They also traveled to Jamaica to see how Christmas is celebrated there.
Both of the kids reached a new high in math. Ken discovered she can do long division!! DJ learned the power of learning from mistakes, and if you don't use it, you might lose it(multiplication).  

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  1. What a great week! How is Christmas celebrated in Jamaica?

  2. Good question! Since the kids work on this independently, I don't know!! I'll have to ask them:)

  3. Some great schooling. Ok, you know how us crazy homeschoolers are, I don't know how Christmas is celebrated in Jamaica either so now I have homework, my wheels are turning to know.

  4. How cool on the snake shedding! Isn't it late for that? Wonder if it's different for pet snakes? Not that I know much about them either way! LOL

    Your kiddos seem like such interested, focused, dedicated learners! They're always doing such varied studies!

  5. I'm curious about Jamaican Christmas traditions, too. Christmas on the beach was big on Guam, but I'm not sure about other islands ;)

  6. I personally don't care for them much, but snakes really do make great and interesting pets.

    It looks like you had another awesome week!


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