Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daily Report: Three Hour Math Period

They spent three hours on just math! This is saying a lot when just last year they did every work under the sun to avoid doing math.

 Ken has been working on rules of divisibility for a couple of weeks now. Today was the day that she challenged herself and made connections using her prior knowledge of division and went for abstraction work.
  These types of equations turned out to be too easy for her :)
The second type of equations were fun according to Ken. Now she is ready to challenge herself with remainders tomorrow.                                                            
 DJ spent his time making multiplication fact cards. All inspired by his need to show me he can do the Large Bead Frame work. He is my observer and so he has observed me giving lessons to others. He knows that when I change direction in a presentation to get a quick exit when a child shows me they may not be ready for the lesson.
It happened to him the other day when I went to show him how to use the Large Bead Frame with multiplication. He stumbled through his multiplication facts badly:(   He didn't question me, but we both knew what time it was.
One of the goals we all sat down together and made for this year was to not avoid work because it is hard to us, but to embrace the work. Looks like these two are on their way to accomplishing this goal, me not so much looks like I better step it up:)



  1. I love to see children doing the Montessori math materials, albeit these activities can be intimidating! When I was a newly trained Montessori teacher, they intimidated me! Luckily I had a director who was a master at the Montessori math!

  2. This is so wonderful!! I have really enjoyed seeing your math materials.


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