Sunday, December 2, 2012

Because I am Crazy!!

And I know how it is to miss someone or something so bad that you can't thing about anything else.

I have a great rapport with a couple of pet stores thanks to DJ's connections and love for animals. On Saturday morning we got the call that one of his favorite snakes that belonged to the pet store was going to be sold and they asked if we would like to become a new snake owner.
 Knowing that this snake, a Ball Python to be exact was taking well care of made the decision easier to bring this snake home. It wasn't DJ's first time holding this snake, every time we went to the pet store he got a chance to hold it.
 The Ball Python is a male and it is only eight months old. The Royal Python in captivity can live twenty years or more. Can you imagine how long this snake will be when DJ graduates from High School? I hope they allow small animals(lol) in the dorm rooms!!              

Since his new pet has been home he has been grinning from ear to ear:) DJ said he could sense he was getting a snake that's why he wrote about this day. In Friday's posting you can see that he did write about this event last week while writing a newspaper article.                                                          


  1. Oh, dear, you ARE crazy! ;) DJ looks so happy, and is so fortunate to have such a supportive mom. Has he named the little guy?

  2. He tried to name him Sambien again!! I strongly encouraged him to choqse a different name, so he is still deciding.

  3. Yay!! A sister snake mama! My friends think I am crazy for allowing snakes, but Bear loves them. The things we do for our kids, right? Just wait until he wants more.

    1. I am really proud to be a snake mama:) This boy is learning a ton!!


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