Friday, December 14, 2012

The Kindergarten Corner: Janessa is her Name and Reading is her Game

Janessa's Kindergarten week has been great! She has made great strides in all academic areas and has shown interest in new subjects

Janessa's strongest interest has been learning to read. I think I have finally gotten a good grasp on her learning style which has helped her along this path.
Janessa has completed many pages this week in her Kumon workbook.
              She continues to read her book from the Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Level.
     Adding in coloring sheets and games has made it very fun for her. Janessa loves to color!!                                                                      

                     She wrote many letters to Santa.
      This is her favorite work. She repeats this work numerous times throughout the day.

                  We learned a lot about Hanukkah.
  Grating soap has proven to be a good past time that she does while transitioning from one work to the next.
 Learning about the classes of vertebrates can definitely be considered a highlight of the week. Janessa loves animals and this work well overdue for her. I really need to get some more work ready so she can go deeper into her zoology lessons.
 Janessa has made plenty of the little booklets that go along with the card material. She loved using the hole puncher a lot!!                                                                       
In math she has been writing numbers.
           Using pennies to count to one hundred.

Janessa also did the nine layout instead of the 45 layout due to lack of time to prepare more golden bead material. I used this presentation from  My Montessori Work.

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  1. I love seeing little kids writing numbers - just so sweet! :) Kaleb would love counting 100 pennies...and I'm SURE we have those around the house!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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